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Welcome to my world of colors !

Although I have spent the last thirty years or so painting and drawing, I have never studied art as such. As I do not believe in anybody forcing their style or method of painting on another, I relied completely on my husbands help - he has been painting for most of his life - books, and a lot of creative initiative. My methods of getting to where I want to are sometimes a little unorthodox, and I suppose art professors would raise their eyebrows at some of the things I try out - but I get the results I want

I started off with drawing, then I experimented in oilpainting. The last 25 years I spent painting in watercolors, and have only lately returned to oils. I don´t favour certain styles or objects - I like painting still life just as well as portraits, land- and seascape and architecture - so you will find quite a variety on these pages.

I hope you will have time to visit our shop, where we offer most of our art as affordable high quality prints and on many gift items - not just my paintings, but my husbands airbrush art, too. We also have a shop for t-shirts, apparel, and gift items with my and my husbands paintings and digital designs, maybe you´d like to drop in there, too.

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